With vast forest areas, abundant workforce, advanced techniques, and a long-standing tradition of production, Vietnam possesses numerous advantages to become one of the leading countries in exporting wood and wood products globally.

Understanding these factors, Hoang Thong has grasped the necessary conditions and emerged with the aim of becoming a leading factory in its main fields of laminated board and furniture, elevating Vietnam’s reputation on the international stage.


Hoang Thong currently operates a total of 8 factories, including 2 sawmills, 4 rubberwood factories, 1 acacia board manufacturing factory, and 1 specialized furniture factory.

Hoang Thong is deeply involved in almost every step of the supply chain, starting from wood cultivation in industrial plantations to delivering the final products to customers.

By having control over various stages of the production process, Hoang Thong can optimize the efficiency, quality, and timely delivery of its wood products. This level of integration and vertical integration within the supply chain enables the company to maintain a competitive edge in the market and provide customers with reliable and consistent products.

Key milestone


Company establishment


Expansion of the second factory for laminated board production with a capacity of 55,000 cubic meters per year


Inauguration of two additional factories, raising the total production capacity of all three factories to 180,000 cubic meters per year


To meet market demands, a factory with a capacity of around 200 containers per month was established, specializing in indoor furniture and relevant UV wood tops.


After 3 years, Hoang Thong continued to expand its factory network with 2 rubberwood factories, each with a capacity of 30,000 cubic meters per year. The purpose is to proactively build a more sustainable supply chain.


Inauguration of the acacia laminated board factory in Nghe An with a capacity of 15,000 cubic meters per year.

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